Monday, August 6, 2012

A book on using social media for your business!

I am so very, very happy to wake up this morning and find that my close friend Arvil Price, a small business owner himself, purchased my book and this is my first sale so far! As a new author I obviously want my book to sell and am excited about it however my primary goal was to show my new clients that I am a published author in the areas I offer products and services. If you click the image below you will be redirected (maybe slowly) to the link on where you can purchase my full color book! The book has real-time information that you can apply immediately upon reading it at little to no charge to you in doing so!

You can also navigate to this link directly to buy my book if you like;

I know this book will add great value to your current strategies and techniques and give you a solid foundation to evolve your own initiatives!
I have a passion for what I do and I love it! This makes me really good at what I do and although you can learn this same information as in my book on your own, choosing to buy my book will quantum leap you through to the end where you can apply what you have learned!
This jpeg image below, when clicked onto will redirect you to another site where you can see some samples of my work. I own and operate Expert Business Presentations of the self-titled sole-proprietorship Johnny Bryan Giles.

I look forward to your posts, feedback and I thank you in advance for buying my book! Sincerely, Author JB Giles Social Media "How To's" that work!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Author Johnny Bryan Giles on Social Media for Business

My name is Johnny Bryan Giles and I am the author of a book titled Social Media "How To's" that work! As a professional business consultant, business plan writer and social media strategy developer I have a passion for helping my client reach their goals! A large part of most businesses success is in their ability to use social media properly. Click this image to buy my book for $21 and you will quantum leap your social media skills in a simple and easy to understand way!


You can also visit my site dedicated to promoting my books at;

Having a good understanding on how to use social media to promote you business, project or venture will impact your own natural evolution in its use. My book was written by me to "jump start" your understanding of how to use the social media platforms that are most popular today! I love what I do and have a passion for helping others! Thank you for buying my full color book on social media! Author JB Giles Social media "How To's" that work!